A nutmeg is the art of passing a ball to oneself, through the legs of an opposing player.

The term nutmeg appears to have arisen from two sources. In England ‘nutmegs’ was slang term for testicles, and the link from this to a ball between the legs isn’t exactly rocket science. The other source is the verb nutmeg, which means to deceive or trick someone, and also make the victim of the deception appear naive or foolish. This term was coined during the trading of nutmegs between the U.S. and England in the 19th century. As nutmegs were a valuable resource, some shady exporters would mix wood with their produce to get a higher profit per yield.

The nutmeg can also be referred to as ‘nuts’, and you have to say it immediately after doing it to a player, just as you are running past him. This also guarantees that he will hack you down later in the game, so use it wisely.

The Guardian – The Knowledge


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  1. GOMBURY » Blog Archive » save the rear-end Says:

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