A good deal has been written about the drop in attendences at Premiership games this season, so I thought it would be a good time to dig up some attendence figures for your perusal:

Largest Attendence – 199,854

  Where Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  When July 16th 1950
  Who Brazil v Uruguay

Largest English Attendence – 84,569

  Where Maine Road, Manchester
  When March 3rd 1934
  Who Manchester City v Stoke City

Largest Premiership Attendence – 67,989

  Where Old Trafford, Manchester
  When February 26th 2005
  Who Manchester United v Portsmouth

The world record was set prior to FIFA’s all-seater stadium regulation so it is out of context with today’s grounds, but think about that figure for a minute. 199,854 is four times the average gate at Anfield. If I compare it to the population of Irish towns/cities (based on the 1996 census) it puts it in even greater context:

  Cork 293,323
  Galway 57,241
  Limerick 52,042
  Waterford 44,155

Given population growth you can probably add 10% to these for the current populations, but that would still mean the number of people who attended the World Cup Final in 1950, is greater than the combined population of Galway, Limerick, and Waterford. Wowza!


4 Responses to “Attendences”

  1. mspoke Says:

    I’ve seen some pictures and video footage of the Maracana when it is full, an awesome site. It’s funny to see that you could get the entire population of those places you mention and still have space left in the 1950’s Maracana.

  2. william Says:

    interesting about attendances is that the likes of juve gave away 36,000 tickets for free and still the stadium is half empty why. because they have a subsription service with sky (i think its sky) and 12.000.000 people subcribe to watch every game they play so its beacause of the couch potatoes that the attendances are droppin, why take four hours to watch a game when you press a button instead. The likes of old trafford then is corporate our prawn sandwiches. one of the best i think is the old firm pair when they play each other that is what every game should be not drones ohh ahhh you want the stadium to rock very few are like it anymore and it will only get worse ha its collapsing in on itself, its been comein with sky sports they built the premiership and now beacause of them its gonna collapse.

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