Played for Chelsea and Celtic

Doug asks: ‘Name 9 players who have played for both Celtic and Chelsea since the 2nd world war?’

Doug I am at a loss, the best I can do is three!

  • Chris Sutton
  • Craig Burley
  • Tommy Boyd

7 Responses to “Played for Chelsea and Celtic”

  1. Ray Carney Says:

    could i have answer to this question – i think there were 10 instead of 9

  2. Sam Says:

    The only other one I can think of off the top of my head is Dmitri Kharine

  3. Sean McGrillen Says:

    Dmitri Kharine, Chris Sutton, Craig Burley, Tommy Boyd, Paul Elliot, thats the best I can do!

  4. gerry Says:

    tony cascarino, also if magnus hedman signs he might be another

  5. aidan Says:

    Jiri jarosik, David Hay, Tommy Docherty was on the books at celtic dont
    know if he ever played for the first team

  6. Calum Says:

    Davie Hay, tony cascarino, tom boyd, magnus hedman, dimitri kharine, paul elliot, craig burley, jiri jarosik, chris sutton AND a 10th guy, Bobby Evans.

  7. eskort bayan Says:

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