£7 Million and hasn’t played for England?

Andrew Hartshorn asks: How many English footballers cost 7 million pounds or more and haven’t played for England?

The only one I can think of is Dean Ashton, as West Ham paid just over £7 million for him. Are there more?


9 Responses to “£7 Million and hasn’t played for England?”

  1. David Kearsley Says:

    Dean Richards
    Carl Cort

  2. shaft Says:

    dean richards, carl cort and kevin davies. Dean ashtons transfer fee wasn’t 7million in full, it’s to be 7 million depending on appearances and other things. Otherwise theo walcott would be another.

  3. footballtrivia Says:

    Dean Ashton was £7 million, it could rise to £7.25 million if he plays for England, and Norwich get 15% of any future transfer fee.

    Theo Walcott was only £5 million, and it could raise to £12 million.

    I forgot Carl Cort was still playing!

  4. Jez Gee Says:

    Seth Johnson

  5. Dave Says:

    “Super” Kevin Davies! 7million Southampton to Blackburn

  6. Dave Says:

    Seth Johnson?

  7. Westy Says:

    seth johnsen played for england once away against italy. He nearly scored with his firste touch!

  8. David Says:

    So far i have got Dean Ahston £7mil to Hammers
    Chris Kirkland £8mil to Pool
    Carl Cort £7mil to Newc
    Dean Richards to Spurs
    Theo Walcott is not one as he as now played for England in a friendly before the World Cup

  9. kris B Says:

    Nigel Reo Coker cost over 7M i think and dont think he has played for England!

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