All British Premiership Team

Fraze Hyett asks What was the last prem side to field an all british team if any have?

I don’t have clue, can anyone help?


6 Responses to “All British Premiership Team”

  1. Rob Says:

    Middleborough – this season, last game against Fulham.

    All English team, and 15 of the team were born within 30 miles of Middlesborough!!

  2. chris Says:

    arsenal, 1994-1995,

    david seaman,lee dixon,tony adams,steve bould,nigel winterburn,
    paul merson, paul davis, micheal thomas, ray parlour, alan smith, ian wright

  3. ray Says:

    did micheal owen score a header in is hatrick against newcastle at st james park for liverpool

  4. ADE Says:


  5. VILLA BOB Says:

    Villa was the last team, who was the first team in div 1 / premiership not to field an englishman, I think it was Liverpool?

  6. Josh Aronson Says:

    aston villa 12 years ago it has not happened since although closest is 2011/12 team of manchester united with most of the england squad

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