Big Teams and the FA Cup

Contributor: Dermot

Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea (and, to an extent, Spurs thanks to past successes) seem to be the teams to stick your money on when it comes to the FA Cup these days. Let’s have a look at how the winners of the cup has been drawn from an ever narrowing group over the past 10 years by looking at the diversity of winners from earlier decades.

1970: Chelsea
1971: Arsenal
1972: Leeds United
1973: Sunderland
1974: Liverpool
1975: West Ham United
1976: Southampton
1977: Manchester United
1978: Ipswich Town
1979: Arsenal

Arsenal: 2 Liverpool: 1 Man United: 1 Chelsea: 1
Others: 5

1980: West Ham United
1981: Tottenham Hostpur
1982: Tottenham Hotspur
1983: Manchester United
1984: Everton
1985: Manchester United
1986: Liverpool
1987: Coventry City
1988: Wimbledon
1989: Liverpool

Manchester United: 2 Liverpool: 2 Spurs: 2
Others: 4

1990: Manchester United
1991: Tottenham Hotspur
1992: Liverpool
1993: Arsenal
1994: Manchester United
1995: Everton
1996: Manchester United
1997: Chelsea
1998: Arsenal
1999: Manchester United

Manchester United: 4 Arsenal: 2 Liverpool: 1
Chelsea: 1 Others: 2

2000: Chelsea
2001: Liverpool
2002: Arsenal
2003: Arsenal
2004: Man United
2005: Arsenal

Arsenal: 3 Liverpool: 1 Chelsea: 1 Man United: 1

So from the last 36 editions of the FA Cup, Manchester United lead the way with eight successes, followed by Arsenal on seven, Liverpool on five and Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur on three each. That accounts for 26 of the last 36 finals.

And when one looks at the record since 1990, there have been only six different winners and since 1996, Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool and Chelski have shared the cup between them.

Will Liverpool keep the run going on May 13th or will West Ham inject a bit of romance into a competition which, if recent history is anything to go by, isn’t really that romantic, at least when it comes to its winners?


4 Responses to “Big Teams and the FA Cup”

  1. Mihir Says:

    this time think the cup has Liverpool’s name written all over it. It is difficult for West Ham to beat Liverpool. But it just goes to show, how the big teams have become dominant in last ten years…

  2. steve sullivan Says:

    Who were the last holders of the fa cup to be knocked out at the first hurdle,does anyone know

  3. jay Says:

    everton have won more fa cup matches than any other club in the competition!!!!

  4. the RED side of life Says:

    MCFC are the biggest under achievers in the cup, the 5th round this year is a massive tie for them and for such a huge giant big club like city they deserve to win something after 30 years of nothing. again Massive game against preston but could be thier banana skin game in the competition!!!

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